AmphibusEvery day since the attacks on September 11th, Americans prepare for the next event. Terrorists could strike again, employing typical methods with explosive devices. Or they might try something completely different—a biological agent. In this story, one of the most deadly substances known to mankind is purposefully transmitted via the most essential source for sustaining life—neurotoxins . . . in the water.

Cory Vickers, fifteen, fishes in a pond near his North Georgia home and gulps down pond water to quench his thirst. His mind spins into hallucinations, transforming him into a giant butterfly. With wings to fly, he leaps to his death from a train trestle. A retired Marine colonel dies while attending to his back yard pond. The bodies of two college students are found at Allatoona Lake—one of Metro Atlanta’s water reservoirs. Blood taken from all these victims contains the same unknown chemical compound. Dr. Susan Locke at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is stymied. When she consults the well-respected expert Dr. Waleed Kareem, whose nephew, Jamal, is being secretly profiled by the FBI and CIA for his involvement with Al Qaeda, she becomes entangled in a complex plot that crosses borders in the Middle East as well as in Latin America. As Dr. Locke and her long-time friend, Detective John McCabe, race to find the source, the death toll mounts. Their struggle is truly one of life and death, possibly for millions. Is this some bizarre natural occurrence, or it is terrorism?

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The Madison Train

This is the story of woman, Mimi Porter, from Oxford/Covington, Georgia, who loses her way to alcohol and affairs in her attempt to live a more exciting life. Amidst the 60’s racial tensions, she has an affair with a man from Madison, resulting in fraternal twins who appear to be different races. The boys are not raised the same.
Not Available Yet – Check back for updates!!!

June’s Tear

This story is about a young woman in Oklahoma, June, who struggles with her past. Another young woman in Georgia is confronted with circumstances that will forever transform her life and way of living. Are these two women connected somehow? This work is in progress.

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