About me

Kelly Joy (Kj) Dennison – Owner

I am an actor, novelist, screenwriter, artist, dancer . . . oh and I love singing and piano too!

I have a PhD in chemistry from Georgia Tech. My doctoral work included research at the CDC. I was a postdoctoral fellow at Emory and a MacArthur Fellow in the Sam Nunn Security Program at Georgia Tech. I am currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at Oxford College of Emory University.

I am passionate about art and science. My hope is that I can make enough profit from my arts to fund research projects in science, contribute to the visual and performing arts, and inspire youth in the arts and sciences. I also want to donate to animal shelters and places like Sharkarosa Wldlife Ranch.

Lemur Tails LLC is a venue for me to share my craft and for you to purchase

Hope you enjoy my pieces and check back for updates and new works!


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